Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Here are our resources, video links and audio files to help people during the Cornavirus outbreak.
There will be information added to this page everyday.

This page has useful resources for people, families and carers.

The resources you can download can be found on the right hand side of the page are

  • The Inclusion North Easy Read Corona Virus information.
  • Daily News from Inclusion North.
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Staying safe and avoiding scams

New Rules about the Coronavirus video here 

Weekly News Videos 

Special News 23th September 2020 here 

The Weekly news can be viewed on video

Weekly news 19th September 2020 here

Weekly news 11th September 2020 here

Weekly news 4th September 2020 here

Weekly news 28th August 2020 here

Changes to how things work – The new normal 21st August 2020 here




Here are our videos made by Dawn one of our Leadership Coaches

Video 1 – What is Coronavirus 

Video 2 – How to wash your hands 

Washing your hands 

Video 3 – What to do if you get ill 

Here are videos from Becki one of out Leadership Coaches, learn a new skill and have a go at Makaton

Makaton signs to aid communication during Cornavirus

Autism in Isolation

Avoiding scams and getting ripped off 

Dentist update 09.06.2020

Skills for People have a video from Sally who went for a Coronavirus test, You can see Sally going to the test and what happens at a testing centre here 

The North East and Cumbria Learning Disability Network and Skills for People have newsletters every week called get well for winter. This weeks is in the downloads on this page.

Surrey and Boarders Partnership NHS Trust have a video talking about local lock downs here 

Lewisham Speaking Up and The Race Equality Foundation have resources about Coronavirus and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities here 

Learning Disability England have some resources on their Coronavirus page about Coronavirus information for Trans and Non Binary people here and LGBT+ and Coronavirus here 

Dorset Advocacy have produced an Easy Read guide to how the Coronavirus Act might affect your care and support here

Affinity Trust have an online fitness and exercise video for people with a learning disability here 

Pathways and NWTDT have a great video about getting stopped by the police when you are out here 

Positive Approaches to support have some information for family carers here 

Here are some other useful links to information.

Public Health England have some information

Coronavirus information can be found here

Shielding People – keeping people safe who are at risk because of their medical needs can be found here 

Keeping away from people can be found here 

Keeping your mind and body well can be found here 

Washing your hands can be found here 

Guidance for residential care, supported living and home care can be found here 

NHS England the easy read letter some people at high risk will have received is here 

Information about getting help when you need it during Coronavirus can be found in the downloads at the side of the screen

The Learning Disability and Autism Programme at NHS England are answering questions about care for people weekly the information is not easy read and can be found in the downloads at the right hand side of the screen.

Learning Disability England have a page sharing information and resources here

West Yorkshire Police have some information about how they are making sure that people are staying  safe here 

Cumbria Northumberland and Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust have an activity pack for people this is in the downloads at the side of the screen.

Contact have general advice and benefits to your child’s education and tips and links to help you cope at home, you can find out the latest information, support and advice about Coronavirus and its impact on families with disabled children here 

BILD has some information for people with a learning disability here .

They also have information for families and carers here

Photosymbols have developed a website called Keeping Safe UK they have lots of posters and information about Coronavirus here  

You can also find the cards to carry if you cannot wear a face mask on their website and in our downloads at the side of the screen to download and print out.

Beyond Words have  free downloadable books

Kali when she starts to feel poorly with a cough and a temperature.  The short wordless story will help people to understand what to do if you have Coronavirus (COVID-19) to keep yourself and those you care about safe. The story also shows how you can safely help others who may be self-isolating.  You can find it here 

A short wordless story, that will help people to understand what to do if you have Coronavirus and how to keep yourself and those who you care about safe.You can find it here 

Good days and bad days. You can find it here

A guide for family carers. You can find it here 

When someone dies. You can find it here 

Lots of people are using the internet to have meetings and stay in touch with people from work, friends and families.

ACE Anglia have some easy read information about using different programmes and apps

You can find information about Zoom here 

You can find information about Microsoft Teams here

They also have some information about staying safe online here

Survivors UK – have a document in our downloads called Self Isolation, Sexual Violence and Safety