Annual Report

Our annual report for members shares some of the work we did throughout the year, and highlights what is happening in the year ahead.

This is our annual report for 2021-22

There is lots of information about what happened in 2021 -22

  • You can find out about the work we have done in our member areas
  • How we kept people informed and our social media
  • Information about our expert hub
  • The things we spoke up about
  • The projects we did with other organisations
  • What we did with our money
  • Reasons to celebrate
  • Health and Wellbeing of our staff and volunteers
  • Looking forward to 2022-23

In 2021 we started to think about climate change. We now have a group of staff and volunteers working on this, and have made a promise to take action to stop climate change.

You can read our plan for 2022 in the downloads at the side of the screen.

After 2 years of hard work, we have updated our company rules and made them in Easy Read format – we’re always trying to make our inclusive governance better you can find our rules in the downloads at the side of the screen.