Our Values

We are a values led organisation.

We believe in equality, rights, justice and inclusion for all.

This is how we put that into practice.

We think differently and do things creatively


  • We try new ideas and share what we learn
  • We listen to problems and try to find solutions


We work with people, families, organisations and our communities


  • We bring people together to find solutions, because we are stronger when we work together
  • We support people to make change happen

We challenge things we think are wrong and help find solutions


  • We encourage people think and act differently to remove the barriers to  inclusion
  • We act as a critical friend – this means saying when something is wrong, and helping to make things better

We speak up for what we believe in


  • We talk about issues that affect people’s lives
  • We are passionate, strong and brave


Inclusion North we work hard to make sure that everyone is treated with respect.

We have our pronouns on our emails so people know which pronouns to use.

This shows people that we are aware of different genders and that we accept people for who they are and that we respect them.

You can find our easy read information about pronouns in the downloads at the side of the screen or click here