Membership Benefits

Membership benefits include vouchers which can be used to design work in your area that is a local priority.

Membership also gives access to Our Offer.

This is a series of small projects looking at the important issues facing people with a learning disability or autism and their families today.

Being a member of Inclusion North brings wider benefits such as

Being part of a bigger inclusion movement in the region – we are stronger together.

We help to connect people across the region, so people can learn from what others are doing.

We link members to good practice locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We produce updates, reports and resources that are free to members.

Support to think and work in a rights-focused way.

We connect members to people with a learning disability, autistic people  and families in their area and help develop good partnership working.

Sharing the outcomes of members’ work to raise their profile.

Strengthening local capacity by working with local people-led organisations to help them stay strong.

Sharing local knowledge and connections.