Elizabeth Sunduzwayo

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I am thinking of being a Director on the Board of Inclusion North. I have been invited to attend a few meetings.


My Experience


Working with young adults with a learning disability for 10 years.

I am managing a charity which supports children and young people with disabilities.

I am a carer for my 19 year old son with a learning difficulty and autism.


My Skills and Knowledge


I have studied lots of things including

Joint BA Hons – Disability and Childhood.

Masters – Public Administration and Politics.

I learned lots about people with disabilities, their rights and development


What is important to me


Equality and treating everyone with respect.

Helping others to create stronger communities.

Peace in the world justice and  equal rights for everyone.

My faith and my family.


What People say about me


Kind hearted and strong and hardworking.

Patient and long suffering.

Tolerant but fearless to speak.



I Enjoy


Writing books and composing songs.

Cooking healthy food.

Attending events, learning new things.

Meeting and talking to people who are passionate about equal rights.

Sightseeing and holidays.