Care and Treatment Reviews and Care Education and Treatment Reviews

Care and Treatment Reviews (CTRs), and Care, Education and Treatment Reviews (CETRs) are part of the Transforming Care programme.
The aim is to support people with a learning disability or autism to move out of hospital and to live in the community with good support.

Many of Inclusion North’s Expert Advisers are involved in these reviews.

These take place at different Assessment and Treatment Centres, hospitals or in the community.

Clinical Commissioning Groups are responsible for organising the Reviews and book an Expert from the Hub by completing an online request form

At reviews Expert Advisers check to make sure that the person having the review is safe, getting good care and treatment and that there is a plan for how they can be supported to live a good life in the community.

After each review, we get feedback from both the Expert and the Chair of the review.

We use this to develop our training programme, ensuring that the Principles and Standards of Care and Treatment Reviews and Care and Education Treatment Reviews are met.

If you would like more information about using our skilled Experts please contact Sandy Marshall

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