Paul James

Hello my name is Paul and I am one of the Directors on the Board at Inclusion North.



My Experience


I work in the council in Durham.

A board member of North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group.

I have my own website to raise the awareness of Lowe’s syndrome and  learning disabilities.

Promoting the rights of people who have a learning disability.


My Skills and Knowledge


Presenting presentations about learning disability.

Being a confident spokesperson.


What is important to me


Spreading the awareness of learning disabilites and Lowes syndrome.

Using social media to spread awareness.

To be given new challenges and responsibilities.


What people say about me


I am hardworking and dedicated.

A great public speaker.

Good at organising things.

I give hope to people with children who have Lowes syndrome.


I Enjoy


Organising events.

Social Media.

Spending time with my family and friends.


Having time to myself.