Linda Dickinson

Hello my name is Linda and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I have a young adult son with very complex needs, and I have been an expert since 2016.

I work as part of the HUB team.

I am independent, and I am there to ask sometimes probing questions about the safety, current care and plans for the future of people who may be in hospital.


My Skills and Knowledge


Positive campaigner.

Chair of the Board of  Trustees for a local autism charity.

Co trainer with the Challenging Behaviour Foundation.

10 years working as a personal assistant to a young lady with complex needs.

A school governor.


What is important to me


People who are honest, non judgemental and show empathy.

My Family.

To have something to look forward to.


What people say about me




A good listener.


I Enjoy