Online Human Rights Workshop in County Durham for Providers

Human Rights Workshops - these sessions are a 1 day workshop and start at 11am and finish at 2:30pm.

These workshops are for staff who provide care and support to people living with a Learning Disability or Autism who live in County Durham.

A fun, easy to understand and empowering workshop that will help you to


  • Know what your Human Rights are


  • Know what to do if your Human Rights are not met


  • Know who can help or who to ask, to make sure you get your Human Rights

The one day online workshop takes place between 11am and 2:30pm with breaks throughout the day.


To book a place use the link for the date you would like to attend, on the Human Rights Flyer.

You can find the Human Rights Flyer on the right hand side of this page.

Or you can telephone Rachael on 07960 388628 or email