Stop People Dying Too Young Do you want to be involved in the work?

We are looking for 4 autistic people living in the North East to join our Stop People Dying Too Young Group to work on the LeDeR programme.
LeDeR stands for Learning from life and death reviews.


Recently, autistic people have been included in the LeDeR programme.


The Stop People Dying Too Young Group is a small group of self advocates and family carers who want to make a difference to the lives of other people.


We would like 4 more autistic people to join the group.


We want to make sure that autistic people are part of the work as well as people with a learning disability.


We are looking for people who have these skills


•      Can listen well to other people

•      Can speak up in a meeting

•      Can use a computer or phone to join online meetings on Zoom

•      Is comfortable talking about death and dying

•      Can speak up for other people


We pay £10 per hour involvement fee to everyone on the group.


If you are worried this might affect your benefits you don’t have to take the money.


We will do our best to be flexible and to find a way to make this work for each person on the group.


You can find out more about the work and a form to complete in the downloads at the side of this page