Trevor Moon

Hello my name is Trevor and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Parent of a Learning Disabled daughter with lived experience of issues, frustrations and barriers that face parent carers of Learning Disabled and Autistic children/young people

Involved with  groups that  support carers and people with learning disability and autism.

Over 5 years as an Expert by Experience and over ten years as  a Justice of the Peace.


My Skills and Knowledge


I have a wide lived knowledge of the issues and barriers facing parent carers

Over 10 years as a Justice of the Peace where I gained an appreciation of difficult social and personal problems faced by many families.


What is important to me


Social Justice, fairness and people having the opportunity for a good quality of life.

People to have a voice.

Keeping the mind active.

My family and friends.

My family and friends.


What people say about me


A sense of humor.

Supportive and understanding.

Is able to see the big picture.




I Enjoy




Reading detective novels.

Spending time with my family especially my two grandsons.


Long walks.