Trevor Moon

Hello my name is Trevor and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Retired Business Project Manager.

A family carer this means I know lots about the barriers for parent carers and families of young people with a learning disability.

I am involved with carer groups and other organisations.

I was a magistrate in the courts.


My Skills and Knowledge


Solving problems in and out of work.

Understanding people and their problems.


What is important to me


Social Justice and fairness

That people have a good quality of life.

People have a voice.

Keeping my mind active.

My family and friends.


What people say about me


A sense of humor.

Supportive and understanding.

Is able to see the big picture.




I Enjoy


Being taken for a walk by Charlie my Cocker Spaniel.


Going to the theatre and reading.

Spending time with my family.