Terry Rutherford

Hello my name is Terry and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North


My Experience


I have 2 adult sons with autism.

Over 19 years of knowledge and experience from courses and meetings about learning disability and autism.

Advisory group member for IHaL (Improving Health and Lives).

Advisory Council Member for Inclusion North.


My Skills and Knowledge


I have knowledge and experience of

  • Media and Communication
  • Parental and Family Support
  • Partners in Policy Making
  • The Listening Programme
  • Delivering sensory awareness workshops


What is important to me


Using my skills, contacts and knowledge to help others find solutions to their problems.

Family and community values.


What people say about me


If I don’t know the answer then I will do my best to find someone who does.

If I cannot help then I will do my best to find someone who can.


I Enjoy


I like to travel around the Uk attending meetings, training and meeting people that help me to help others.

I enjoy photography, digital editing and also developing disability insight and awareness workshops.