Sandy Marshall

Hello my name is Sandy and I am the Project Support Coordinator for Yorkshire and Humber and the HUB


My Experience

Working across health and social care for several years.

Working mainly in the voluntary sector, but also in Local Authority.

As a disabled person I have worked with other disabled people and organisations to make sure disabled people get choice and control in their lives

I have a son and two daughters.


My Skills and Knowledge


I know lots about the way that disabled people get treated in society.

The way adult social care is delivered and how important it is to involve people who use services.

A good understanding of the welfare benefits system.


What is important to me


My family and spending time with them.

Human rights and citizenship.

Getting me job done well.

All people have a good life.


What people say about me


Committed to getting a good service for disabled people.

Honest and reliable.

Value equality for everyone.

My sense of humour.


I enjoy


Travelling to different countries.

The cinema and theatre.

Swimming in warm waters in the summer.


Spending time with family.