Samantha Jamieson

Hello my name is Samantha. I am a Co Chair on the Board of Inclusion North.

My Experience


I have autism and both my sons and nephews are autistic.

I work alongside people with a learning disability.

Volunteering  with a local autism group for over 15 years.

Attending  Care and Treatment Reviews as an expert by experience.

Managed different businesses and owned a business.


My Skills and Knowledge


Delivering  lots of training about autism and learning disability.

I taught myself photography.

Doing different jobs has made it easier for me to fit in when i meet new people and starting new tasks.


What is important to me


Honesty and respect.

Everyone being treated fairly and equally.

Learning, I am always keen to learn more.

Listening to others.


What people say about me


I am a good listener.

Open to ideas and options.

Hardworking and work well in a team.


I Enjoy


Listening to music.

Spending time with my family and pets.

Doing creative projects like drawing, scrap booking and crafts.