Rachel Mewes

Hello my name is Rachel and I am a member of the Advisory Council at Inclusion North.

My Experience


I am a qualified teacher, with experience in teaching children with additional needs and I have worked in the care sector, supporting people with disabilities.

I have lived experience of learning disability, through my daughter, who has Down’s syndrome. I volunteer my time to a number of charities that work towards a better future for people with a learning disability.


My Skills and Knowledge


I am a keen writer on issues of inequality and injustice. I have knowledge and experience of the SEND system and support other parents through the process.

I have experience in providing advocacy to support people with a  learning disability to express their own opinions and be heard.


What is important to me


It is important to me that people with  a learning disability are supported properly to access all areas of life. We need to make changes to attitudes, and processes, to work towards making our country truly inclusive.

I want my daughter to grow up in a world that can adapt to enable her to access everything she is entitled to.

An education, non-biased heathcare and a social life, to start with.


What people say about me


I am kind, caring, insightful, passionate about human rights and proactive in challenging injustice.


I Enjoy


I enjoy spending time with my family, especially being out and about in our home in Northumberland.

I love watching Betsy dance and sing and enjoy live music myself.