Peter Dawson

Hello my name is Peter  and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I am a dad of a brilliant daughter on the autistic spectrum.

My experience as her dad gives me an insight and a passion which would be lacking otherwise and drives me to see situations from an extra and different perspective.

I am able to be assertive and ask awkward questions appropriately.


My Skills and Knowledge


Writing, drawing and expressing issues relating to equality and empowerment.



Knowing quite a lot about the systems and services, voluntary and statutory in Derbyshire.



What is important to me


That people have freedom.

That communication is clear.

That people are not bullied or disempowered


What people say about me


That I am gentle.

That I can make people laugh.

That I sometimes challenge things.


I Enjoy


Being outdoors

Watching detective programmes

Writing and drawing for pleasure

Creating new projects

Standing up for justice