Nargis Begum

Hello my name is Nargis and I am a Citizenship Leader in the North East and North Cumbria at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I am a parent of Autistic person

Volunteered for VODA as a befriender and helped elderly people

Completed a makeup artist course

I was an Administrative Officer for Her Majesty Revenue And Customs

I’m a qualified Interpreter


My Skills and Knowledge


I can present data using Microsoft Office

Can work as a team

Can come up with good ideas

Good Communication and Interacting skills

I am creative when it comes to makeup


What is important to me


Helping People

Family & Friends

Speaking up for other’s

Everyone being treated equally

Doing a good job and making a difference


What people say about me


Kind & Caring

Always puts other’s first

Respects everyone’s views/opinions

They love my sense of humour

Easily approachable

A person with a friendly nature

Creative mind


I Enjoy


Learning about makeup and various techniques

Eating out and trying different cuisines

Spending time with my son

Going to the cinema

In the downloads at the side of the screen you can see my one page profile and job description.