Michelle Cadby

Hello my name is Michelle and I am a Project Support Coordinator for the Citizenship Project in the North East and North Cumbria at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I’ve worked in the Voluntary sector for 17 years and at the centre of all my roles has been empowerment.

I’ve been a Project Manager on several creative projects including one aimed at developing the skills of carers and improving support for people with dementia.


My Skills and Knowledge


Making complex things simple.

Putting people at ease.

Problem solving in creative ways.

I’m a Person Centred Counsellor so bring active listening skills and empathy.


What is important to me


Fairness – Giving everyone an equal chance to blossom.

Living an authentic life

Noticing things and people and honouring them just the way they are.


What people say about me


Very calm and relaxed

Isn’t afraid of who she is

Gentle, warm, understanding, non-judgemental and empathetic



I Enjoy


Good food shared with friends.

Woodland walks

Playing my Ukulele

Bee friendly gardening and growing from seeds.