Maria Spadafora

Hello my name is Maria and I am a Project Support Coordinator for the in Yorkshire and Humber  at Inclusion North.


My Experience

I have worked with communities, young people, and people with a range of needs for over 25 years

This includes:

Involving people in creative activities and opportunities

Working in schools, youth and community spaces

Setting up a charity to engage young people and adults with additional needs in a choir


My Skills and Knowledge

Project management

Co-producing activities and events with, by and for the people taking part

Fundraising and managing budgets

Working with people from diverse backgrounds and with varied needs and wants


What is important to me

Family and friends

Listening and learning

Speaking up

Having fun


What people say about me

That I’m…


Care about people and the world


Bring a sense of fun

Can be really silly


I Enjoy

Music and gigs





Wearing big earrings

Cake and chocolate