Kirsty Morgan

Hello my name is Kirsty and I am the Project Support Coordinator in the North East at Inclusion North.


My Experience


This has involved delivering direct support , managing local and regional services and developing new ideas.

Before joining Inclusion North I worked for KeyRing for 15 years.

Promoting rights, independence and choice including developing self advocacy.


My Skills and Knowledge


Building relationships with people, families and partner organisations.

Knowing how the wider social care system works.

Management skills which can be used when I am delivering projects and working in teams.

Good communication skills and thinking creatively.


What is important to me


Staying true to my values.

That the work I do makes a difference to others.

To give time and space to those around me.

I remain optimistic and believe anything is possible!


What people say about me


I am honest , reliable and organised.

A hard worker, motivated and resourceful.

Friendly and kind.


I Enjoy


Time with my family and friends.

Walking, I’m obsessed with how many steps I have done.


All kinds of performance..

Film, comedy,music,theatre.