Kate Quail

Hello my name is Kate and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I’m a family carer with a long career in health & care, including in clinical & commissioning roles.

I was a member of the original national Transforming Care steering group.

I have been a Trustee of Royal National Mencap and other charities.

I am a member of the Public Health England Advisory Group on Learning Disability & Autism.


My Skills and Knowledge


Representing the views & needs of people with a Learning Disability or autism, their families and carers.

Multi-agency working between health, education, social care, the voluntary, charity & community sectors.

Skilled at positive, collaborative discussions and providing helpful, constructive challenge.


What is important to me


That all people with Learning Disability or autism are listened to properly and that their rights are fully respected.

That people get excellent, respectful services & care based on what they say they need.


What people say about me


That I am collaborative,  friendly, with a good sense of humour.

Very hard working.

I never give up, especially in getting the best care and services for people with Learning Disability or autism or mental health problems.


I Enjoy


Spending time with my family.

Running in the park.


Meeting friends for tea and cake and a good chat.