Karen Parry

Hello my name is Karen and I am the Chief Executive at Inclusion North


My Experience


Working with disabled children, young people and adults in lots of different jobs.

Managing  different types of organisations.

I have set up and run my own charity.

Writing  funding bids and run lots of different projects.


My Skills and Knowledge


I studied at university for a long time, and know a lot about equality and inclusion.

I trained to be a teacher and have delivered lots of training.

My main subjects were art, music and drama.


What is important to me


Everyone being treated equally.

Respect and trust.

Seeing everyone as an individual with skills and talents.

Working together as a team.


What people say about me


Always optimistic and positive.

Listen to people.

Think carefully before I make a decision.


I enjoy


Swimming in the sea and in lakes all year round.

Travelling, seeing the world and meeting lots of different people.

Being outdoors camping and cycling


In the downloads at the side of the screen you can see my one page profile and job description.