Judith Baker

Hello my name is Judith I am the Administrator at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Over 40 years of working in an office, my jobs were administration and event planning.

I have worked in lots of offices including solicitors, accountants and the voluntary and charity sector.


My Skills and Knowledge


General administration.

Organising events for a few people or lots of people sometimes 300 people.

Working on databases.


What is important to me


To enjoy my work and the get on well with the people I work with.

To work well in a team.

To be able to do my best at work.

My family.


What people say about me


I am calm and work well under pressure.

Works well in a team.

Tries to find solutions to problems.

Friendly and approachable.



I Enjoy

Spending lots of time with my grandsons.

Feeling like I have achieved something at the end of the week.


Going to the theatre to watch musicals.