Jo McCausland

Hello my name is Jo and I am the Project Manager in the North East covering maternity leave.


My Experience


Over 30 years working in and with Local Government and NHS Organisations in management, operational and project roles.

My last job was as a programme manager for one of the Transforming Care Partnerships in Yorkshire and Humber.

Coaching and mentoring.


My Skills and Knowledge


Lots of types of management.

Managing people and projects.

Helping organisations change how they work.

Training people.


What is important to me


Doing a good job.

Making a difference.

Making sure people are treated fairly.

Supporting people to achieve.

My personal values.

Feeling appreciated by others.


What people say about me




Supportive and encouraging through bad times as well as good.

Fun to work with.

Hard working.




I Enjoy


Time spent with my friends having fun.

My hobbies, listening to music, watching films, reading and baking.

My voluntary work.

Continuing to learn.

Being near the sea.

Walking in the woods near where I live.