Jane Wood

Hello my name is Jane and I am one of the Directors on the Board at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I have worked in the NHS and in Local Authorities for over 30 years.

I started my career as a  mental health nurse.

I have worked as a commissioner since 2006  making sure the right types of service are available to meet different people’s needs.


My Skills and Knowledge


Understanding the NHS and the Local Authorities and how they work.

Managing people and planning work.

Setting up new pieces of work, and agreeing the rules with people who will be doing the work.

Understanding systems.

I am positive and look for good answers to questions and problems.


What is important to me


Always remembering the reason that should guide the work that the NHS and Local Authorities do.

To keep being person centred and find the best solutions that work for people who need support.

Doing a good job but also enjoy my time away from work.

Working with other people as part of a team.

Having fun.


What people say about me


That I am a good listener and see things from different perspectives.


I enjoy


Seeing live music of all types.

Getting out in the countryside walking my dog.


Meeting friends in the pub.