Hannah Payton

Hello my name is Hannah and I am a member of the Advisory Council at Inclusion North.


My Experience


In my career in care, support and advocacy I have worked in both schools and the community.

Through building very positive and happy relationships I support people to gain confidence to learn and this has helped young children with self-esteem and pride.

At times I have spoken on behalf of those who do not have a voice and through my compassion encouragement helped improve the environment around them for better access to engaging fun activities and independent-living skills!


My Skills and Knowledge


Being present in the moment to listen and be an active-listener helps me to help others and sign-posting to additional help.

I respect the values of equality and safe-guarding others and practice in my professional career. I have knowledge on Special Educational Needs , Mental Health needs and I am developing skills in advocacy.

Event Management skills and organising community initiatives too.


What is important to me



Being kind to each other

Taking time to do things to help others

Family time and creating memories.


What people say about me


Very open and friendly and also to people I don’t know and my kindness

A really bubbly person and is good at lifting your mood and will help you when you really need it”.

Good at listening and giving advice


I Enjoy


Music and singing as this improves my mood and I feel happy.

I also love creative projects and I am learning to be a nail technician, so I can share this with others!

I love afternoon teas and tapas and sharing… nibbles Yum!..

I also love Spain and speaking Spanish!