Gary Stark

Hello my name is Gary and I am thinking of being a Director on the Board of Inclusion North. I have been invited to attend a few meetings.



My Experience


Care and Treatment Review expert by experience since 2016.

Involved in peer advocacy for over 10 years, promoting rights of people with a learning disability in the area.

I have personal experience of having a learning disability and speech difficulties.

Attended Tomorrows Leaders course.

I am a Director with Inclusion North.

I sometimes use cue cards during CTRs.


My Skills and Knowledge


I also work for Eden Futures and take part in interviewing and audits.

Worked for our local Clinical Commissioning Group to select new services.

I have a good knowledge of local learning disability services in North Lincolnshire and benefits.

I understand autism.


What is important to me


Being part of Inclusion North – to help make sure the work of Inclusion North is good quality and making things better for people with a learning disability.


What people say about me


Knowledgeable: knows about learning disability.

A kind person: helps others

Is caring: always friendly and patient.

Good listener, good ideas


I Enjoy


Living with my wife.

Accessing the internet to playing games.

Travelling  I can find out how to get to places.

I like helping people to speak-up and to be involved.

I enjoy going out and making new friends.