Frank Lyford

Hello my name is Frank and I am a member of the Advisory Council at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Good with people.

I have been a chair, and always part of the core team.

The Splinter Group is a user-led, user-run project for young people with autism and learning differences

I have performed on video using my own experience to help explain what it’s like to live independently with a learning difference.


My Skills and Knowledge


Good at working in a team and working to get a task team

Good at problem solving good at giving positive and negative feedback.

Good at planning events and conferences.

Confident to speak up in meetings.


What is important to me


Everybody should be respected and equal.

Being passionate about my job and what it fulfills

Don’t be afraid to try new things.


What people say about me


Hard working and honest about thing



Good at chatting and talking about current affairs.


I Enjoy


Keeping up with current affairs.

Travelling the world.

Meeting new people

Watching and playing sport

Long distance walking


In the downloads at the side of the screen you can see my one page profile and job description.