Fiona McClelland

Hello my name is Fiona and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North


My Experience


I have supported family members with a learning disability.

I wanted to be an Expert by Experience at C(E)TRs because I had seen peoples’ experience of using services through the eyes of family members.

I believe I can play a part in helping people come together to make their experience better.


My Skills and Knowledge


Mental health law and the Mental capacity act.

I am a strong advocate for person centred thinking and working.

I can communicate with people and listen to what they say.


What is important to me


To do what I say I will.

To ensure people are treated fairly and heard.

My family and friends.

Being on time.

My cat  – Truffle.


What people say about me


People say that I am kind.

“Fiona is fair and always listens to what people think and feel.”

Fiona doesn’t give up until a job is finished and done well!


I Enjoy


Swimming often – it keeps me feeling well.

Reading – especially novels by William Boyd’s.

Working on the allotment with my partner.