Denise Bowles

Hello my name is Denise and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


I have a mild learning disability, but only got diagnosed at the age of 21.

I have lots of experience as part of a Care and Treatment Review panel.

I am an Enter and View authorised representative for Healthwatch Derbyshire.

Visiting health and social care settings to see how they are working and making suggestions for improvement.


My Skills and Knowledge


I am able to ask the right questions at the right time.

Good communicator.


A good team player.


What is important to me


Listening to people.

Being understanding.

Kind  and Caring.

Family and friends.

People being given a chance.


What people say about me


I like a bit of banter.

Confidence in myself.

Friendly person.

Kind and caring.


I Enjoy


Singing and song writing.

Going to gigs and concerts.


Holidays abroad.

Being a voice for people with disabilities.

Reading the Covid news for Inclusion North.