Craig Kennady

Hello my name is Craig and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.



My Experience


Having been diagnosed late in life at the age of 26 I was able to support my son get a diagnosis of autism.

I have been working with parliament since 2016 supporting and making the life of people with neuro diverse conditions better and how to support them.

I am also a carer.

I joined Inclusion North in 2018 as an expert by experience.


My Skills and Knowledge


I have lots of varied experience:

Working around schools.

Adult Social Care.

Health Service.

Research knowledge.

Keeping up to date with legal legislation.


Children’s services and support.


What is important to me


Making a difference to others.

My work.

That I have a voice and I am listened to.


What people say about me


Very understanding.

A great advocate.


Knowledgeable about most things.


I Enjoy


Supporting others.

Making a difference.


My family.

Being a voice for others.

My work.