Courtney Cooper

Hello my name is Courtney and I am the Project Worker  in the North East.


My Experience


I have worked in Advocacy promoting independence, empowerment, social justice and equality.

I have supported people through the Criminal Justice System using restorative justice and mediation practices.

Leading volunteer groups to report feedback to influence change


My Skills and Knowledge


Good communication and listening skills which enables me to build meaningful and trustworthy relationships with people, family and professionals

I use my own initiative, think creatively, work as a team and positive risk take

I am knowledgeable about legislation, protecting human rights and keeping people safe


What is important to me


People having a voice

Respect and kindness

Striving to make a positive change

Creating equal opportunities


What people say about me


I am consistent, organised, reliable and a genuine people person

I demonstrate enthusiasm

I am approachable and understanding

I work hard and believe in myself


I Enjoy


Going on adventures with my family and friends

Cold water swimming

Listening to audiobooks

Creating poetry