Bev Seth

Hello my name is Bev and I am an Expert by Experience at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Working with people with a learning disability since leaving college in day centres, residential places, in the community and hospitals.

I was a person centered planner and now do one on one work with people.


My Skills and Knowledge


Very knowledgeable about cerebral palsy and learning disability.

Knowledge of residential colleges and people being helped to move into independent living.

Communicating with people in different ways.


What is important to me


That I feel useful and have purpose in both my work ans hobbies.


Learning new things.


What people say about me


My friend think I am funny and that I like laughing.

I am interested in people and will help them if I can.


I Enjoy


Pottery, drawing, sewing, lino cutting.

Trying new things.

Being outdoors, walking, photography or just sitting about.

Going to the cinema, reading and visiting new places.