Anya Bonner

Hello my name is Anya and I am one of the Regional Managers for the North East and North Cumbria at Inclusion North.

My Experience


I have worked with adults and young people with a learning disability in different jobs

I have helped communities to campaign for change and human rights

I have managed a lot of projects focused on social justice and community voice

I have worked in the third sector my whole career


My Skills and Knowledge


I am really good at talking with lots of different people

I am good at building partnerships where people work together on social issues

I know a lot about accessibility , especially digital inclusion


What is important to me


People being treated equally

Being honest and telling the truth

All people having access to their human rights

Being kind and caring towards all people


What people say about me


I always make time for other people

I am not afraid to speak out when I think something needs to be challenged

I am friendly and easy to talk to


I Enjoy

Rock climbing in the UK and abroad

Being outside and walking in the mountains with my family and dog

Baking tasty treats