Abbie Murphy

Hello my name is Abbie and I am the Administrator at Inclusion North.


My Experience


Customer care experience from working in retail.

Lots of admin experience and note taking experience from both university and work.

Working in Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Trans inclusion for just over a year.


My Skills and Knowledge


Knowing how to create lots of different types of documents, like letters, emails, presentations, finance spreadsheets.

Having lots of public speaking experience and am comfortable speaking to lots of people about difficult topics.


What is important to me


Social justice, equity, equality and inclusion.

My friends and family, and always finding time for fun in my life.


What people say about me


I’m passionate and supportive.

I’m helpful and pick up new skills.

I’m funny (well, I think I am).


I Enjoy


Baking vegan puddings and cakes.

Watching documentaries.