Reshaping Advocacy

The North Cumbria and North East Transforming Care Partnership Board recognises the importance of advocacy and supported the formation of a ‘Rethinking Advocacy Group’

The Rethinking Advocacy Group

Started to think about the current problems with advocacy and possible solutions.

Recognised that there was lots of great advocacy work going on but there was a need to consider how services could be future proofed.

Felt thinking was needed on how advocacy partners could be supported and empowered to be better self advocates.

Thought a priority should be developing a proactive model rather than just a reactive one.

Sponsored a range of pilot projects to try out different methods of delivering advocacy.

The work evolved into ‘Reshaping Advocacy’ and a Steering Group formed to take the work forward including running a conference and themed networking meetings.

The group is currently thinking about and developing plans for the next phase of the work.