Human Rights Workshops

Have you ever thought about your Human Rights?
We continue to hear about some terrible human rights abuses happening to people living in health and care settings. We need to empower people to know and understand what to do when this happens and who to turn to for support.
Inclusion North is offering our membership areas in the North East, and Yorkshire & Humber a free workshop - An Introduction to Human Rights for family carers and self-advocates.

We don’t often think about our Human Rights – but we all have them – whether you are an adult or a child, whether you live in the United Kingdom or whether you are a visitor.  All public bodies have a responsibility to ensure our Human Rights are met – but if you don’t know what your Human Rights are – it may will be difficult to speak up about them.

So come and join our free workshop and find out about your Human Rights and what to do if you think your Human Rights are not being met.

The workshop is a basic introduction to Human Rights, and we will share with you:

  • 16 Basic Human Rights
  • Film clips
  • Songs
  • Case examples
  • Quiz
  • Fun activities

You can find more information in the downloads or contact Sandy