Citizens Network

Citizen Network is a global non-profit cooperative movement formed to create a world where everyone matters and where everyone can be an equal citizen.

The North East Project Manager is the Coordinator for England and meets with other Coordinators via video conference once a month to share information about what is being done to make inclusion a reality.

The Citizen Network aims to:

Inspire action – by publishing stories, videos, pictures and information on its website and newsletter, and by using social media to help people find out what others have done.

Connect people – by organising events, webinars and meetings to help people make friends/allies and build a stronger community.

Pool energy – by pooling resources, energy, money, information, skills and different methods to help each other be more effective.

Collaborate – by working together to create new projects, research and campaigns to help change the world to achieve shared goals.

You can find more about the Citizens Network here