More Action After Whorlton Hall Abuse

We know people are still angry and want to see change happen after the Panorama programme about the abuse at Whorlton Hall in County Durham.
We want to keep that energy and passion going so we worked with Skills for People, Your Voice Counts and Sunderland People First to hold another meeting for people with a learning disability or autism, family carers and people who are our allies who work in services.

At the meeting on 22nd August we did an update on everything that has happened. We then discussed a big question

“What can people with a learning disability, autistic people and family carers do to have a real voice in making things better for everyone?”

After the meeting the information was sent to people-led groups who could not attend to give them a chance to join in.

To see the update and join in the discussion, click here (add link)

We are going to meet every month until the end of the year to try to come up with a better way of people and families being involved that will make a real difference.

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Some ideas we came up with were

  • More Quality Checkers
  • Human Rights training
  • People doing inspections
  • People involved in staff recruitment.