Directors Meeting

Friday 6 September, 1:00pm - 3:15pm

York CVS

15 Priory Street

This meeting is for the Directors of Inclusion North.

A group of Directors make sure Inclusion North is doing a good job and following the law.

The Directors include people with a learning disability or autism, family carers and professionals.

The Board of Directors are responsible for:


  1. Running the Company well – making sure Inclusion North follows Company Law and our own internal rules


  1. Managing the money – making sure that Inclusion North have enough money and spend it the right way


  1. Checking the work we do – making sure it is good quality and fits with our values


  1. Supporting the Chief Executive – helping her to manage the staff team and develop the company


  1. Thinking about the future – planning ahead to make sure Inclusion North meets the needs of its members and customers


  1. Making sure people know about Inclusion North – sharing information through their own networks


You can attend this meeting if you are a Director of Inclusion North or have been invited to attend.


If you want to find out more about being a Director of Inclusion North please contact Karen.