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Skills Bank

This page tells you about a way of swapping skills in your area. Share your skills with others and improve your area.

Skills Bank

Its all about skills

A Skills Bank is a way that people can help each other without using money. For each hour of time you give, you get one time credit. You can exchange them for help from someone else.

Anyone can take part

Everyone's time and skills are worth the same in the Skills Bank. Everyone can join - especially people with a learning disability and family carers.

If your area or organisation is a member of Inclusion North we will open an account for you. Any skills or ideas people swap will be recorded as time credits hour. We will send each group a regular statement of the time given and received.

The kind of skills people can give and get are:

  • improving Partnership Board Meetings
  • sharing examples of how people got a job
  • sharing experiences of having a Personal Budget.

We will help you to think about the skills that you have to give in your area and what you would like to get from the Skills Bank.

The Skills Bank will:

  • help you to make things better in your area
  • not cost you anything
  • help you to share the things that you are good at
  • help you to get to know other people in different areas and will help you to build a stronger community.

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