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Care Act 2014

This page tells you about the Care Act 2014

The Care Act 2014 is a new law which will bring some big changes to health and adult social care in England from the 1st April 2015.

The guidance to the Care Act has been produced by the Department of Health and describes what the local councils will have to do to make the changes in the Care Act work. These include promoting:

  • People’s well-being and ensuring that people are involved in their assessment and care planning
  • Carer’s rights. Carers will have new rights to an assessment for support
  • Independent advocacy – people will have the right to an independent advocate if they have difficulty understanding information and have no-one to speak up for them
  • Health and social care services working together
  • People’s safety by making sure that services and people work together to keep people safe from abuse and harm

Local councils will be working hard to make these changes happen across the country.

We have written a plain English briefing that explains what is in the Care Act and what is now law. There is also a presentation to help explain this too.

Inclusion North can come and work with groups in our member areas to think about the Care Act and what the changes will mean. Please contact us if you would like to talk about organising a workshop in your area. Our contact details can be found here

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