Inclusion North

North East Learning Disability Partnership

This page tells you how Inclusion North supports and coordinates the North East Learning Disability Partnership on behalf of ADASS and the Department of Health.

North East Learning Disability Partnership

The North East Learning Disability Partnership:

  • Helps people with learning disabilities, family members and staff work together to make important changes

  • Helps people to understand what Learning Disability Partnership Boards must do to get issues facing people with learning disabilities on the agenda

  • Shares good ideas and ways of working.

The Partnership includes representatives from each learning Disability Partnership Board, the Association of Directors of Social Services (ADASS), the Strategic Health Authority and the NetsWork provider network in the North East.

From April 2014-March 2015, the Partnership worked on:

  • The language we use
  • Cancer reference groups
  • Friendship, relationships and their importance
  • What good looks like for people 'we' send away
  • Planning a festival event to celebrate inclusion in the North East
  • The Care Act and what it means for people

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