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Person Centred Approaches

This page tells you how we encourage person-centred work.

Person Centred Approaches

With our Members and partners we share and work out good person-centred ways to support people.

Creative support for people and families in Redcar

Kate Fulton from Inclusion North has been working with Derek Birtwhistle, Commissioner in Redcar and Cleveland. The aim is to help providers to come together, explore personalisation and develop local support options that enable Redcar people to have interesting lives and friendships. The work is about supporting creative partnerships between providers so people get the best possible support.

This work has not finished. But, even now, what's happening is exciting. One provider is exploring how to create Individual Service Funds. Another, which supports people with complex needs, is exploring a partnership with the local college.

Person-centred approaches 2010 and beyond

In 2009 and 2010, Inclusion North worked with Paradigm and the Valuing People Now Team in Yorkshire and Humber to create a toolkit. This helps local authorities plan person-centred approaches that will work with Personalisation and reduced resources.

You can get the toolkit below

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