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Big Health Day 2012

This page tells you about the different workshops and things which happened at the Yorkshire and Humber Big Health Day 2012

Big Health Day 2012

Here are some of the workshops we held and below are the Presentations and Factsheets:

Good eye Care for people with learning disabilities - Laura Christie and Scott Watkin work for SeeAbility. Their job is to encourage people who are blind or partially sighted and have other multiple disabilities to lead a full life by supporting people to have access to good eye care.

Update on the National Forum - Gavin Harding is the Co-chair of the National Forum for people with learning disabilities. This workshop showed what the National Forum has been doing and what you or your self advocacy group might do to make health services better for people with learning disabilities.

Mental Capacity Act: Are we getting the training and support right for health professionals? This workshop was run by Tim Whaley, who works for Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust as their MCA Co-ordinator and is also a freelance consultant often working on the mental capacity act and safeguarding.

Mental Capacity Act: Top tips for me and mine – This workshop was also be run by Tim Whaley. Tim shared the learnings and top tips from recent sessions.

Individual Service Design: A way to make sure people who need a lot of support can lead an active and healthy life - Kate Fulton works for Inclusion North. One of Kate’s pieces of work is supporting individuals who are receiving costly services out of area to help them get the support that makes sense to them using their money in the best way possible.


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