Inclusion North

Making Health Services better

This page tells you about how we are working with others so people with learning disabilities get a good health service.

Making Health Services better

We work with people with learning disabilities, their families and professionals to change how health services work so they treat people fairly and give them a good service.

Our work on making health services better includes:

Health Self Assessment Framework

We help health services to work with people and families to find out what is working well and what needs to get better. The aim is that people with learning disabilities are safe in health services and get a good service.

Click here to read more about the Health Self Assessment.

Helping people share good ways of working and new ideas

We do this by sharing ideas through the Skills Bank and by organising Big Health Days in Yorkshire, Humber and the North East. Click here to find out more about the Big Health Days.

Making it easier to understand health policies and the Self Assessment

We have made lots of resources that explain the big policies. Click here to see them.

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