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Local Area Coordination

This page tells you about community-based, flexible support systems.

Local Area Coordination

Local Area Coordination is a way of working that helps people to build community-based, flexible support systems not just services.

Inclusion North likes Local Area Coordination

Inclusion North has been promoting the ideas of Local Area Coordination and helping local authorities to put it into practice since 2009.

In 2009, we worked with Eddie Bartnik from Western Australia and Ralph Broad from Inclusive Neighbourhoods. We wanted to see how Local Area Coordination could help transform social care services in England. You can download the report from an event we ran in 2009 at the bottom of this page

Local Area Coordination
Eddie Bartnik


After working with Eddie Bartnik in 2009, Middlesbrough Council decided to make Local Area Coordination happen. Ralph Broad worked with Inclusion North to help Middlesbrough. You can read about how Local Area Coordination is working in Middlesbrough by reading the report at the bottom of this page.

What is happening now

We help people to learn about Local Area Coordination through our partnership with Inclusive Neighbourhoods. We are working with our Members to make Local Area Coordination part of their changes to social care.


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Visit the Local Area Co-ordination website by visiting the Inclusive Neighbourhoods website


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