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Leading Change by John O’Brien

Leading change to achieve the Personalisation Agenda by John O’Brien. We held a workshop on 8th November in York, and the presentation is below for you to view.

Leading Change by John O’Brien

What was the workshop about?

Personalisation is one of the most exciting opportunities for people and families to be in control and be supported to live their lives in a way that makes sense to them. John O’Brien helped us to think about leading change at cultural and organisational levels, and about how we achieve more than just changes in the system.

John is known internationally as a leader in person centred thinking and personalisation. John has championed inclusion across the world and brings a wealth of experience and insight.

During the workshop, John helped us think through how we lead change to make sure that Personalisation really supports people to be full members of their communities and neighbourhoods....even in tough financial times.

John's presentation which he went through during the workshop is shown below.

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