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Advocacy Sparks

This page tells you about the Advocacy Sparks project

Advocacy Sparks

The Advocacy and Leadership Project worked with 1 Self Advocacy organisation in each of the 9 Valuing People Now regions. Those local groups hosted Advocacy Sparks because they know what is important in their area. Self Advocacy groups were given the chance to apply for up to £1000 to help make advocacy stronger in their region.There were lots of really interesting projects that happened across England. Advocacy sparks funded over 107 projects spending around £95,000.

The grants ranged from £200 to £1,000 with the average award being £880. Lots of the projects have carried on after they got the small bit of money to start.

Some of the things that were funded through Advocacy Sparks included:

  • A musical production on speaking up
  • Teaching people how to use social media
  • Training self advocate leaders
  • Mystery shoppers
  • Starting a peer advocacy service
  • Running a self advocacy fun day
  • Getting involved with the local community radio
  • Setting up a safe place scheme
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