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Rethinking Advocacy

Find out about the Advocacy work we've done over the last 4 years.

North East project

Lots of people with learning disabilities, family members and people who pay for or work in services were upset and angry about the horrible abuse at Winterbourne. They want to make sure it NEVER happens again.

We wanted to think about advocacy and what would help people living in residential care.

The project worked on 3 main areas -

Self Advocacy - helping people be more confident and understand more, to have a say on the treatment and care they get and make sure they know what good support looks like.

Family leadership - helping families and services think about and understand the role of families who have members living in services similar to Winterbourne View.

Working out good ways to buy advocacy and check it is working. We have worked with a group of commissioners (who plan and buy services) to help them work out which kinds of advocacy are good to buy, what contracts they can have and how they can check what difference advocacy is making.

National project

We will be sharing the learning from the North East across the country.

We are sharing our "Speaking Up and Staying Strong" resource pack with self advocacy organisations, and offering them support to introduce this work in their local areas.

We are offering to visit all of the Valuing Families regional meetings to talk about the project, and to help think about what local areas can do to make a difference.

We are writing a paper about buying advocacy and how we think about ‘looking out for’, and not just paid advocacy. We will be sharing this with Advocacy Organisations, NHS England, ADASS and anyone else who wants to think about commissioning advocacy differently.

Rethinking Advocacy

This is a paper writeen by Kate Fulton, Kellie Woodley and Stan Cooke. You can download it from the list of documents below.


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